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MCR is all about service that will
enable you to take part in the joys of your life
Our goal is to MAXIMIZE YOUR REVENUE and minimize your

We specialize in Dermatology billing and coding ONLY, ensuring
extreme proficiency in handling your claims and reporting results.

We are nationwide with clients in New York, DC, Maryland, North
Carolina, Ohio, Wisconsin, Mississippi, California and still growing.

Our clients are in large metropolitan and rural communities and all
are different. You do not own a cookie cutter practice and your
requirements, expectations and philosophies are as individual as
you and I.  We understand and prepared to provide exceptional
benefits that will suit all your needs.

MCR is unique to the industry, we do not nickel and dime you to
death, in fact all services are inclusive,  including credentialing, re-
credentialing, CAQH registration/updates, NPI registration, fee
schedule negotiations and contracting to name a few.  

Our philosophy is to take care of the whole financial health of the
practice and using this philosophy we have increase revenue an
average of 30%-40% over and over again.

Our Clients use Allscripts, Medinotes, ZipChart, E-Clinical, *EMA
(MCR recommended) along with many other EHR/EMR systems.
Our software is Internet based - allowing you to pull over 100
reports anytime from anywhere. We also report on your revenue
and aged claims, we obsess over aged and denied claims and
work them daily. Our aged goal is 90% within 90 days and we take
this responsibility very seriously. Letting claims age is putting your
income in jeopardy! We make sure you receive every dollar due

All claims are tracked from the moment the encounter is ready. We
understand the clock is ticking and insurance companies are trying
their best to deny for any reason.

We educate our providers on correct coding and apply all required
modifiers for you. We are diligent with each and every claim,
submit, track, appeal, and post and you are also notified of each
and every correctly denied claim, the actual loss of revenue and
most important, the reason why.

We are so confident in our ability to save you money and increase
your income, we offer 12 full months without obligation or
commitment, once you see the results month after month you will
wonder how you got along without us!

We have helped many Dermatologists and confident we can also
help you realize your full income too!

Billing & Coding Specialist!