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Claim Submission

All we need is 1, 2, and 3

We require 3 pieces of information to submit your claims:

  1. Intake form (Patient Information)
  2. Insurance card (Front & Back)
  3. Encounter

It does not matter what system you are using, all we need are these 3 pieces of information to submit your claims.

Claims are submitted electronically to all payers capable of receiving an electronic claim. Payers that do not have electronic capabilities are mailed a 1500 form. Electronic claims pay an average of 16 days and paper claims pay within 20-45 days. However, the most important part of claim submission is verification that the claim is clean. If the claim is not clean, the payers don’t pay!

Once the billing summary has been received, each code is scrubbed for accuracy and any required modifiers are added.

If we find a coding issue, you are informed and given the opportunity to make the correction prior to submission. Don’t worry, we give specifics as to the issue; it could be a plan guideline, adding a condition code or maybe a 5th digit is required on your diagnosis. Whatever the issue, we have researched it and will provide prompt and accurate information to you. This is important for two reasons; #1 the claim is clean; therefore paid timely and #2 you are educated on payer guidelines and tricks carriers play not to pay your claims!

Claim submission is an inclusive feature with MCR